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  • What is the weight limit?
    Our Weight limit at Alcantera is 250 lbs. iIf you are over 250 but under 300lbs and you can physically mount and dismount then you can ride with us at Wild Western Horseback Adventures.
  • What is the age limit?
    Our age limit for Horseback WIne Country is ages 10+. We do offer a tour for ages 5+ at our other location. Please visit our website for that tour at
  • Do we get to trot or run with our horses?
    Unfortunatley we can not allow our riders to get out of a walk. Our horses do gain speed naturally while going up hills and do pick up pace going home but overall it is a walking horseback tour. Our main goal is first your safety and we will stop the ride if we feel at anytime you are putting yourself, our staff, or other guests on the tour at risk
  • What are Covid Restrictions or Precautions?
    We are considered an open air activity. The sign in and loding process are all done outside unless it is just your party and no other guests you will sign in at the office. The only close contact that guests may have with our wranglers is after mounting, if needed, stirrups will be adjusted for comfort. Some wear masks during the ride and others don't but we do not require masks to be worn during tour.
  • Can we bring our cameras or phone?
    We do allow guests to bring a camera if it is on a lanyard. We are not responsible for any damage that can occur to personal belongings. phone must be carried in pocket or saddle bag. For your safety Phones and cameras are only allowed to be used at certain stops.
  • Does this tour offer wine tasting and can we bring wine on the ride?
    Unfortunatley we do not offer wine or wine tasting on this tour. We ask that all guests enjoy the wine at the vineyard after their tour. This is for the safety of you and Horseback Wine Country staff as well as other guests and our horses. If guests have been drinking we will not be able to take you on your tour. No refunds will be issued so please be resposible.
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